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    Foreword: 2010 was a slow year for the club, activity-wise.  Attribute this to the fact that 2010 was an election year (national and local levels) in the Philippines.  Prexy Rey Cuyugan was requested by member Allan Monreal to assist in the local campaign of his mother-in-law and his wife, Tetet, for the mayoralty and vice mayoralty post, respectively, in the municipality of Bantayan, island of Bantayan, in Cebu province.  Rey spent most of March to mid-May in the municipality.

    Unfortunately, the local Liberal Party team lost miserably (for many reasons not germaine to this blog).  However, as Rey openly forecasted early on, the candidate for President, P-Noy, won by a landslide in the whole island of Bantayan, and Cebu as well.  He garnered more votes than all the other presidential candidates combined, at least in Bantayan.

    Also, unfortunate was the accident that befell proby Jhigs Pabale in March.  She has fully recovered.  A separate ‘ closure’ report shall be sent out to all members shortly.

    THE ACTIVITIES (other than meetings)

    Oct 10 - Run for Pasig River

    Members Tita Dimacali, Brian Agana, Jon Rivera and Rey Cuyugan helped operate a first-aid station in support of the “Run for Pasig River.”   The run was a project of ABS-CBN.  The station was assigned to SARAGI (Search and Rescue Auxiliary Group, Inc.), which, in turn, is a civilian volunteer component of the 505th Air Rescue Group of the Philippine Air Force.

    Tita and Rey are members of Batch-2 (1993) of SAR trainees.  Jon, who performed as principal first-aider, is a member of a more current batch.  Brian acted as an official photo-recorder for the activity.

    Oct 30 – 31, Mt. Batulao Minor Climb

    The Club led the members of Dra. Ambe Fernando-Catindig’s group, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, in their trek up Mt. Batulao. The first for all 17 participants from their group, Brian Agana, Jon Rivera and Rey Cuyugan provided support from SB. Proby Niel Valmoria had his first climb ever.

    The “Adventure Camp” of the foundation is an annual event held for diabetic members above 17 years of age. Volunteers, including non-diabetics join in the activity. The club has previously provided team-building support for the “Rainbow Camp” of the foundation. This other annual event is held for diabetic beneficiaries aged 17 years and below.

    Note: The club again tapped as local guides brothers VicMar and Angelo Villanueva. “Old-timers will remember VicMar as the little boy who supplied the group with water when they trekked up Mt. Batulao using the now-hardly-used original trail.

    Nov. 26 – 28 Mt. Pulag Traverse, Ambangeg-Akiki-Duacan

    This was the annual Pulag climb which was pushed back to accommodate the members of the “JDF Adventure Camp” who wanted to experience climbing Mt. Pulag. Also, to accommodate the group, SB agreed to use the nominally easier “Ambangeg-Akiki” route rather than the usual SB Akiki-Akiki ‘killer’ route.

    Nine participants came from the ‘Adventure Camp’ group. Members Bingo Catindig, Brian Agana, Jon Rivera and Rey Cuyugan led. Proby Niel Valmoria had his first major-B climb.

    Note: As a result of the experience, six ‘Adventure Camper’s have formally signed up as probationary members effective January 9th, 2011. At least one more is expected to sign up by next month.

    Also, the 2011 Adventure Camp has been scheduled for April. The trek shall use the Akiki-Akiki route. ‘Lolas’ among the group are expected to join.

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    It’s never a good thing to hear BAD News, especially when it concerns an old friend you haven’t been in touch with for a very long time.  Being busy with the tasks of everyday life is no joke.  You focus your undivided attention to what is needed to be done for the day, and what lies ahead.  When you can spare a few moments, you can either wonder about friends, do some leisurely work, or simply rest your tired mind and body.

    Some people touch your life in a very personal way.  A Friend you reach for in times of problems.  A specialist you consult for your medical needs.  Such a friend is Dr. Jose Javier Suntay, or better known to us as Doc J.

    We met in a medical mission held in Mindanao many years past.  I,  together with my teammates, provided technical assistance to the mission.  Teamed with some medical personnel and staffers of the PAL Foundation, we flew to South Cotabato for a medical mission in the Tiboli area, which was recently  devastated by water rushing from a breached natural dam. 

    Doc J volunteered to us his professional services for free.  I even consulted  him concerning some of my medical problems then.  What makes it memorable was that we always met at the tennis court behind PGH, never in his clinic.  We also went out with our fellow missionaries for food and night-life.  The best physical description of him which we can came up with was, “the Al Tantay of Orthopedic, and Judas look-alike during lenten season”.  He was a most eligible bachelor then.  I do not  know if he finally settled down.

    As I surfed the net looking for news of Doc J, one can’t help but notice his colorful credentials.  There were many thing I did’t know about him. But what I do know is that he was a good friend not only to me, but also to others.

    Early in the evening of Monday the 24th news came to me from a friend, that the Doc J we knew already passed away during the weekend in a terrible car accident.  I can’t help but put my fingers to my keyboard and surf the net for news articles to verify my doubts.  It took me only a moment to confirm the bad news.  An Old Friend is really dead.

    He slammed into an electrical post while avoiding a early warning device poorly-placed on the road by some electric contractors.  Early warning devices, properly placed, should save lives.  The irony of ironies  what was supposed to warn people of danger caused the loss of his life.

    I am writting this article to commemorate his colorful life and also to mourn for an old friend and a friend of Sikap-Bundok, Dr. Jose Javier J. Suntay.


    - Ian Santos



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