Jan 05 2009

Manny Perez Latest Life-time Member

In the first regular meeting for the year 2009 held on the 5th of January the prexy accepted and announced the application of Manny Perez as a regular  member.  Manny has been an associate member for several years now.  He has attended several club training activities as well as a couple of club-sponsored climbs.  His linkage with Sikap Bundok stems mostly from association with the CLEAR FORUM, KAMALAYSAYAN, and the aborted efforts to set up MOFE (Mountaineers for the Environment).  This last was an attempt to link individual mountaineers who are serious in the effort to protect the natural environment.  While in the Philippines Manny and wife, Olga, were among the leaders of UGAT, a local mountaineering group.  This club is now disbanded due to the diaspora of the members,  Manny and Olga among them.

Several years ago Olga, a registered nurse, accepted employment in the United Kingdom.  Manny soon followed.  While there, Manny joined and was active with the British Mountaineering Council.  He maintains his membership with this group up to this time.   All this time, he has maintained contact with the organization via the website and directly with the president.

Two years ago they moved to New South Wales, Australia, where they now  stay.  Manny is now a member of the Sydney Bushwalkers.  He is also an active volunteer in the state disaster response organization.  To support his activities he has to earn his keep.  Therefore, he signed in as a web designer for Greenpeace Australia Pacific. 

The prexy announced the approval  of his regularization sans the usual  six months probationary period and completion of the BTC module.  He explained the waiver of the probationary period by way of citing the association with him as mentioned above.  Not only has he attended some training activities of Sikap Bundok,  he was also the principal trainer of his previous local club.  His credential as environmentalist  is unquestionable.

Manny is now Member No. SB0901041, meaning he is the 41st regular member, with the rank of Lakay-Bundok (Senior Mountaineer).  Having immediately paid his life-time fee, he joins the rank of Life-time Members.

Welcome to the club, Manny!