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Climb Classification


  • For internal purposes only, the club has classified climbs into five regular and two special categories. The regular categories are based on the over-all length of trekking times: from the jump-off point to the target destination, and from the destination back to the jump-off point or designated end-of-trek point.
  • Different routes to the same destination may be differently categorized.
  • Trekking times are based on club experiences, and are adjusted to the capacity of a healthy, physically well-prepared, normally loaded individual, following a reasonable and non-punitive pace, with regular rest stops, and not under undue time or weather pressure to reach a target site.
  • Lunch or dinner stops and camp or sleep stops are not included in the trekking times. Minor rest and re-assembly stops are included.
  • The categories were formerly based in multiples of four hours of trekking times. These have been adjusted to multiples of five hours to reflect the shift in club membership demographics.
The five regular categories are:
  • Fun (Katuwaan)
Total trekking times of not more than five hours. Ex: Berlongo, Isla Verde/Mt. Dagit-dagit
  • Minor (Mababa)-B
Total trekking times of more than five hours but not more than ten hours. Ex: Pico-de-Loro via Magnet Road, Mt. Batulao
  • Minor (Mababa)-A
Total trekking times of more than ten hours but not more than 15 hours. Ex: Pico-de-Loro via Mainit, Mt. Arayat via Banyo or via Magalang.
  • Major (Mataas)-B
Total trekking times of more than 15 hours but not more than 20 hours. Ex.: Mt. Arayat traverse, Mt. Banahaw to Durungawan (Windows), Mt. Pulag
  • Major (Mataas)-A
Total trekking times of more than 20 hours. Ex.: Mt. Banahaw traverse, Mt. Halcon.


Climb/Activity Category As To Participants
  • RESTRICTED – Participants are pre-identified by the officers or designated Expedition/Activity leader (ex. survey climbs, pilot training sessions).
  • MEMBERS ONLY – Participation is limited to regular and probationary members, and technical guests only. When available slots are limited (ex. annual Corregidor pilgrimage) qualified regular members and technical guests have priority over probationary members.
  • OPEN – Members, regular or probationary, technical guests, and associate members may invite their own guests to participate.
  • FULL OPEN – As above, with the additional qualification that guests may invite other guests (ex. snorkelling trips to Isla Verde).


The special categories are:
  • Survey (Sarbey)
Any trek to a destination new to the club, and for which little or no reliable information is available as to trail conditions, water sources, camp-sites and the like, is treated as a major-B climb at the minimum for purposes of preparation. Refer to restrictions on climb participation per skills rank.
  • Search-and-Rescue/Recovery
Special rules apply. Refer to restrictions on climb participation per skills rank.