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Ranking Guidelines


The club ranks members as to level of skills. Each level with corresponding climb-related privileges and restrictions. The following general guidelines on classification apply:

  • Probationary members are not ranked as to skills level. Permission to participate in any climb activity is granted on a case-to-case basis.
  • Associate members, who are also members of other mountaineering clubs, may be ranked to serve the internal purposes of the club or upon their requests.
  • The classification of any member is determined by the Skills Development and Classification Committee (Lupon sa Pagpapaunlad at Pag-uri ng Kasanayan).
  • Upgrading to a higher level is the prerogative of committee members who are already at or above that particular level of skills (e.g., only committee members who are ranked GatBundok – Mountaineer – or LakayBundok – Sr. Mountaineer- may vote to upgrade a lower ranked member to the GatBundok level).
  • Upgrading need not be applied for. It may be granted at the volition of the committee which reviews the rankings periodically.
  • The ranks are ordered upwards, but passing through the ranks in sequence is not strictly required. The committee may confer to a newly regularized member a rank higher than the normal entry level.
    Note: To-date, several members have been conferred the rank of GatTahak upon regularization. Only one member – Edgar Allan C. Monreal – has been granted GatBundok rank immediately upon conferment of regular membership.
  • Downgrading of rank is possible. It has not been done to-date.