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Trekking Tips

Caveats Re Purchasing Pasalubongs

It is almost de rigueur, a must, especially for Pinoy travellers, to buy pasalubongs or gift items for the folks (special relations, relatives, BFF’s, friends, group mates, etc) back home. Usually, these are in the form of trinkets and food specialties from the places visited. These warnings involve food items: Cooked or processed food, vegetables, …

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Trail and Camp-Water Discipline

TRAIL AND CAMP-WATER DISCIPLINE It has been said often enough that a person can survive for several days, even weeks, without food, but only for a few days without water. The period of survival being dependent on the weather as a most critical factor. When the sun is out, even trekking inside the forest line …

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Chewing Your Food

PUT THE INCISORS AND MOLARS TO WORK Minimizing the weight of foodstuff to bring during long trips, taking vitamin-mineral pills and protein powdered-drinks are just part of the solution to staying well nourished. A key point is to maximize the utilization of whatever food we eat. Remember that adage drilled into us during the elementary …

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Pack Light Meals

PACK LIGHT MEALS In preparing for a long trek, when it comes to food ‘Go light.’ One of the difficulties in preparing for a long trekking expedition is selecting enough food to bring while keeping the weight down. Nowadays, we are lucky compared to climbers of earlier days, it is so much easier to go …

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Bring Cash

Don’t Leave Home Without It Your cash! The credit or debit cards are optional. Your credit may be good, and your debit card may be fully covered, but best not to rely on these. Bring cash. The developing world may be getting there, but not quite yet. Not when it comes to common acceptance of …

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Loose Change

Loose Change Have plenty of loose change when travelling to rural areas. Ever been in a situation when you cannot buy food or anything because all you have are big bills? In rural areas, even a fifty-peso bill can be a ‘large’ one. We suggest that you load up on 10’s and 20’s, and as …

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