Feb 07 2017

Dueg VI Narrative

DUEG VI 14-15 Jan 2017


For various reasons, the supplies convoy from Quezon City left past 2400H of the 13th. Further delays due to ongoing works at the Candaba Viaduct portion of NLEX caused the convoy to reach Dr. Toledo’s place in Poblacion Norte, San Clemente, Tarlac at 0700H of the 14th. The borrowed municipal dump truck, which was supposed to come at 0600H arrived past 0900H. The supplies and 27 participants could not be accommodated in one trip so a second became necessary. Alas, the truck broke down before it reached the site. A second trip was out of the equation. Cell phone communication was erratic.


Somehow, arrangements were made to ferry the supplies to the site. The first batch of participants had to walk. Those who remained at the staging atea were shuttled in three trips.. By the time the last batch reached the school it was past 1400H.

Surprise! The merienda feeding was winding down, a guest participant of Belle T. namely Jun Memorial saved the day by keeping the kids busy with his energetic emceeing. He had the kids participating in singing and dancing.

As it turned out, the lead batch headed by Gina J. decided to have the merienda soup prepared ASAP, and to proceed with the feeding before the gift-giving as it was past 1200H.

The program wound down by 1600H. If we had not stopped, the children would have stayed. They were thoroughly enjoying it.




The group had their lunch cum dinner past 1700H. Nobody complained of having gone hungry, everybody were too busy, and enjoying it, to go hungry.

As may be expected, due to the delays, some of the planned components, such as the lunch with teachers, did not materialize. A three-person group (Dory B., Bong J., and RFC) got to visit and chat with some tribal leaders morning of the 15th.

The group was back at the place of Dr. Ronnie Toledo by 1300H of the 15th. Lunch was hosted by Doc T. . The group was off past 1600H. RFC and daughter were home by 2400H

Highlights/ stats:

  • Total number of participants – 27 (The most to date)
  • Number of son and daughter/niece participants – 1 son, 3 daughters, 1 niece
  • Number of Medical Doctor participants – 1 male, 3 females (potential med mission)
  • Number of complete family participants – 1 family of four (Durans)
  • Number of student gift packs, one each – 279
  • Number of gift packs for academic achievers, one per level – 7
  • Number of gift packs for teachers and PTA volunteers – 14
  • Number of pax, including¬†non-students and Aeta mothers, served merienda (excluding repeats) – 300
  • Special gifts for tarp model Mary Ramos sourced RFC from relatives


  • Communal-use gifts (for school or faculty use, for teacher distribution as needed –
    • One large soup kettle
    • Various cooking implements
    • Used but usable: fasteners, notebooks, pencils
    • Reference books
    • Replenishment of medical supplies (alcohol, cotton balls, cotton buds, pediatric Paracetamol)
    • Pediatric vitamins (teachers to identify most at need, and to administer in-school)
    • Certified vegetable planting seeds from the Bu. of Plant Industry. For planting program.


  • Contents of common gift packs
    • One notebook (grade specific as needed)
    • One pad writing paper (grade specific as needed)
    • One pencil (grade specific as needed)
    • One black, one red ballpoint pen (intermediate level and up)
    • One packet instant noodle
    • 200 grams iodized salt
    • One toothbrush
    • One sachet toothpaste
    • One bar bath soap


Even as Dueg VI was winding down, planning for Dueg VIi had begun:

  • Separate, same day visit to Aeta community itself, post school program.
  • Gift packs per Aeta family, numbering 130, contents not committed
    • Three to five packets of instant noodles
    • Planting seeds for five common vegetables (committed)
  • Seminar on seeds selection and home composting