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General Rules

  • The club, as an organization, is not involved in political activities unrelated to environmental issues. Members may do so on their own capacities only.
  • The club adheres to, and adopts as its own, the generally accepted motto of all good mountaineers: “Take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time, leave nothing but footprints.”
  • The club recognizes that mountaineering and similar activities involve inherent risks; and, that training, group and individual discipline reduce but do not eliminate the risks.
  • The club believes that the properly trained and internally disciplined individual can have more fun with less risks than the untrained and the undisciplined.
  • The club believes that sharing of skills and knowledge is the best way to further the development of those same skills and knowledge.
  • The club assumes moral responsibility over all participants in any club sponsored or handled activity. These include those whom the club ‘adopts’ or allows to join in the course of an activity.
  • The level of risks acceptable in any activity is the level at which the safety of the least capable of the participants is most assured.
  • All pre-climb and post-climb meetings are open to the public. These are open to non-climb-participants, including interested non-members.
  • All lessons learned, disciplinary actions meted, commendations or advisories issued in relation to any club activity are for public consumption and information.
  • Members are encouraged and trained to be independently capable, while retaining the ability and willingness to assist others.
  • Wearing of military-type clothing and gear (e.g., camouflaged pants, shirts, boots and backpacks) is not allowed on climbs and jungle expeditions. Firearms, even if duly licensed or authorized to be carried outside of residence, may not be brought along.
    Note: This rule was and is promulgated in the interest of safety of the participants. This is particularly important in areas where political insurgency is known to exist.
  • You brought it up, you bring it down! The individual, must bring down all non-biodegradeable containers, wrappers and materials that one brought up. It is immaterial if one shared the contents or the use with others, or even if one was unable to partake of the contents or the use of the items at all.
  • All common expenses are shared equitably. Unless, someone expressly volunteered to shoulder all or a good part of any particular item of expense, assume that one must pay one’s share, and be ready to do so, even if no pre-collection was made, or no post-payment collection was immediately made.
  • The use of common equipment (i.e., rappelling ropes, anchoring gears, etc.) is shared. The burden of carrying these is shared as well.
  • Sharing of food, supplies and equipment is encouraged. However, unnatural or excessive dependency, even among related members, is not.
  • The accumulation and upkeep of club-owned equipment cost money, even those which are donated to the club. Users, including regular members, are assessed and must pay user-fees to help cover the costs of periodic maintenance and eventual replacements of these.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages during club activities is not encouraged although it is not completely prohibited. However, restrictions apply.
  • Drinking to excess, i.e., to the point of being drunk, is not allowed.
  • Drinking on trail and rest stops is not allowed.
  • Serving and consumption of drinks during outdoors activities where youngsters (i.e. those below legal drinking age) participate are not allowed.
    Note: This is a new restriction in view of the club morphing into a family-oriented organization.
  • Drinking is also not allowed in venues and places where local regulations, customs or taboos frown upon such.
  • Smoking is discouraged but not prohibited. Restrictions apply.
    • Smoking is not allowed where prohibited by law or ordinance, or where the venue owners prohibit such.
    • Smoking in enclosed venues, where non-smokers are necessarily forced to inhale the second-hand smoke, is not allowed.
    • Where allowed, smokers are encouraged to position themselves such that exposure of non-smokers, especially youngsters, to the smoke is limited.
      Note: The above two preceeding items were not previously emphasized. The current emphases are offshoots, again, of the club morphing into a family-oriented organization.
    • Smoking on trail is prohibited. Smoking is allowed only on cleared rest stops and in camp. Smokers must each bring personal, sealable ashtrays.
      Note: Cigarette filters are considered non-biodegradeable.
  • The use of legally prohibited substances is not allowed in any club- sponsored activity. The club shall not participate in any activity where the use of any such is, or may likely be, allowed or tolerated.
    Note: The above was not previously emphasized. The current emphasis is an offshoot, again, of the club morphing into a family-oriented organization.