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Abbreviations and Acronyms

GLOSSARY OF TERMS, ABBREVIATIONS and ACRONYMS TALASALITAAN NG KATAGA, PA-IGSI AT AKRONIMS Foreword: This is a compilation of terms, abbreviations and acronyms usually found in SikapBundok reports and communications, particularly SMS communications. Many are borrowed or copied from military or airline usage. Some are unique to the club. Acronyms derived from the first letters of …

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Pilipino-English / English-Pilipino Terms

GLOSSARY OF ENGLISH-to-FILIPINO and FILIPINO-to-ENGLISH EQUIVALENT TERMS (TALASALITAAN NG MAGKATUMBAS NA KATAGANG FILIPINO-INGLES AT INGLES-FILIPINO) FOREWORD This list is limited to terms/words commonly used in the mountaineering community in the Philippines, in general, and in SikapBundok communications, in particular. It is not meant to be all encompassing. A few of the Filipino equivalents are SB …

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