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List of Trainings


This consists of four independent modules as developed by the club:

1. Batayang Kurso sa Tahak / Basic Trekker Course (BTC)

  • BTC-A (General knowledge): consisting of two (2) day classroom sessions and an overnight camping session
  • BTC-B (one day) – Basic knot-tying
  • BTC-C (one day) – Pacing and Orienteering
  • BTC-D (one day) – Map reading/locating latitude, longitude
  • BTC-E (one day) – Topo-interpretation

Note: Attendees in BTC-E and D must know how to use hand-held magnetic compass.

2. Batayang Kurso sa Unang Lunas/Basic First Aid for Mountaineers (BFAM):

Three (3) weekends or six (6) days, with the last day as simulation of possible first-aid situations.

This course was developed based on Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) course, but with emphasis on mountaineering situations. The club intends to request accreditation of the course with the PNRC. It is currently not accredited.

3. Batayang Kurso sa Rappel/Basic Rappel Course (BRC)

One (1) weekend or two (2) days

Note: First-timers are not allowed to join the tower practicum unless they have completed the first day’s session.

4. Expedition leader and Team Leader Orientation Course (ELTLOC)

One day only; the first half-day consist of a quick lecture and discussions of concepts of leadership, followed by lectures on the qualifications, duties and responsibilities of various climb officers (as differentiated from club officers). The next half-day is devoted to discussions of selected actual cases.




Pool parties, beach and river outings are fun. Enjoy these more and in safety, learn how to swim! Swimming instructions for individuals, families or groups. For details, please contact George ‘Jing’ P. Ordona, Sikap-Bundok’s Chief Instructor for swimming: Email ordona912@yahoo.com or Cell Phone +63(916)359-7888.

Notes: Swimming sessions are by arrangement. Generally available within Metro-Manila only. Engagements outside of Metro-Manila, however, may also be arranged.

Gitnang Kurso sa Rappel/Intermediate Rappel Course (IRC)

One (1) weekend or two (2) days Note: Completion of BRC is a pre-requisite.

Advanced Rappel Course (ARC)

One (1) weekend or two (2) days Note: Completion of BRC is a pre-requisite. IRC is not a pre-requisite.

Artificial Rock-wall Class (ARoW)

One (1) day

High Angle Rescue Course (HARC)

(Under development)



  • Only club designated Chief Instructors are fee-exempt in all training/jump/climb sessions at all times.
  • Only specifically club-designated instructors/assistant instructors for any particular jump or climb session are fee-exempt for that jump or climb session.
  • All others, including regular members must pay the designated fees even if they volunteer to assist or are asked to assist from time to time.
  • Associate members and immediate family members (children, wives, husbands) of regular members are treated as probationary members for purposes of fee collections. All others are treated as non-members.

Other Notes:

  • Charges include use of club equipment and instruments as needed. Handouts are included, where applicable.
  • Minors are participants below 14 years of age.
  • Minimum number of participants for special classes follows:
    1. BTC (any sub-module) – 12 participants or min. P1,800 fee
    2. BTC practicum – 6 paying participants or P600 practicum fee
    3. BRC/IRC/ARC – 6 or minimum P3,600 fee
    4. ELTLOC – 10 or P1,500 fee
    5. AroW – 12 or P2,000 fee

For more information, please contact us. See our Contact Us Page.