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DUEG Itinerary



General notes:

  1. The outreach is preferably done on the second day of a two-day schedule. This would allow the trek to Timangguyob Falls to be done more leisurely on D1.
  2. It should not be scheduled during semestral, Christmas or summer breaks to better assure availability of teachers to assist in the gift giving.
  3. As of 03/2014, the road to The site is generally not passable to non-four-wheel drive vehicles although some parts were already cemented.
  4. As of 01/16/15, electric power lines have reached the sitio. Electricity is available in the rest house. Cellular Phones may be recharged.
  5. Cell phone signals are moderate to strong in the vicinity of the rest house. Reception is erratic to none in other areas of the sitio.
  6. The activity is open to friends who are interested to participate. Please contact any of the officers for details. Interested parties are advised to read the gift giving guidelines posted in the club website ‘www.sikapbundok.org.’ Under the About Us heading, pull down, click on Policies, then select Gift Giving Guidelines.
  7. Cellphone signals usually accessible in the resthouse, Availability in other parts of the sitio is erratic.


DAY-1 Usually a Friday, or the day before the main activity.
Assembly point: McDo EDSA- Quezon Blvd.
2100H STD for San Clemente, Tarlac. Proceed as convoy. Jingle stop at NLEX.

DAY-2 Usually a Saturday

0200H ETA Base – property of DocToledo in San Clemente. Short sleep.
0600H. All up. Breakfast.
0700H ETD for Dueg onboard truck.
0800H Junction. Trekkers proceed on foot to Timangguyob Falls. Non- Trekkers proceed to the rest house of Doc Toledo.
1100H ETA falls. Lunch (pre-packed). Swim. Photo ops.
1400H ETD back to junction.
1700H ETA junction, pick up by truck.
1800H Dinner,
2200H Lights out.

DAY-3. Usually a Sunday

0500H Reveille
0600H Breakfast
0900H Start program: Visit to schoolrooms, Anthem, Welcome, Acknowledgements, Rules.
0930H Games
1100H Gift giving followed by merienda feeding.
1200H End. Back to rest house.
1230H Lunch
1400H STD Back to base.
1500H. ETA. Base
1600H ETD for MNL. No more convoy at NLEX. Dinner at NLEX.
2200H Everyone back respective homes.

TRAVEL EXPENSES as of 01/2015:

Via own vehicles, per class-1 vehicle (4-wheels)

  1. NLEX Balintawak Open System – PHP 45.00
  2. NLEX Dau exit. – PHP 173.00
  3. SCTEX to Luisita exit. – PHP 89.00
  4. SCTEX Luisita to Dau. – PHP 89.00
  5. NLEX Dau to Bocaue. – PHP 218.00

Toll Total: PHP 614.00

Via PUB (Five Star, Victory) ex-Cubao. per passenger, one-way. 24hr, hourly: PHP 250.00

Cargo truck rental RT: PHP 3,000.00


  1. All participants must have the following: Sleeping gear for cold weather (it gets cold in the rest house) even in summer. Torches/ flashlights.
  2. All participants must have packed breakfast for D1.
  3. Intending trekkers must have packed D1 lunch, and at least one liter of drinking water each. Trail food optional. Trekking gear, flashlights are mandatory.


  1. Timangguyob is a local term equivalent to the Tagalog ‘tambuli’ or blow horn which is usually made from conch shell (in seaside areas) and carabao or cow horn. Usually used as a warning or signalling devise. Supposedly, when the waters are raging and the winds blow hard, the falls emit a sound as that of a tambuli being blown.
  2. Dueg is Pangasinense word for carabao.

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