Feb 07 2017

Epiphany #2

Jong and I are being guided by the universe on how we parent our children. As years pass by, it truly becomes clear why Alexis and Tisha chose us to be their parents, because we will be providing them the opportunity to discover their mission in this life.


Synchronicities led us to meet people who are close to nature and opened opportunities for us to discover the beauty of the deep sea, forests, and mountains of the Philippines. There were both adventures and misadventures which equally bless our family with experiences that expand our awareness within us and around us.

Going beyond what our society defines as what is successful, our family has bravely been journeying together at our own terms on what is important, which is going back to mother nature, being with like minded people, deepening our compassion, connection and spirituality in the process. Teaching our kids the difference between absolute and relative truths.


Within a very short period of time, communing with our Aeta brothers reminded us of our rich heritage and the injustice done to them throughout our Philippine history. They are the original Filipinos who are now marginalized.

Thank you to SIKAP-BUNDOK for helping us in parenting our daughters, teaching them values and skills not taught in school but are vital in their lives. Being in the company of Rey Cuyugan, Dory Blobner, Raul and Nida Escaler is a testament of the possibility of climbing mountains on the 8th decade of our lives, they are truly inspiring, and role models for our daughters. I asked Alexis on why she enjoys their company, she answered “Because they are good people.”

Thank you also to DM Rainier Omac and Arvin Marbibi for guiding Alexis on her scuba diving, and Jerry Marquez for Taekwondo. All of you are teachers who help us develop the potential of our kids beyond the limits of what is offered by schools.


– Melanie B. Duran, MD
January, 2017