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Abbreviations and Acronyms




This is a compilation of terms, abbreviations and acronyms usually found in SikapBundok reports and communications, particularly SMS communications. Many are borrowed or copied from military or airline usage. Some are unique to the club.

Acronyms derived from the first letters of the base words are usually in all-capitals.

Abbreviations of place names are in all-capitals. Whenever available, airline abbreviations are used (e.g. MNL instead of Mla for Manila, the capital of the Philippines).

When used in letters, e-mails and circulars and similar documents, abbreviated words are used with the traditional period as required. In SMS messages the period is dispensed with since its presence automatically capitalizes the letter that follows.

Text-spelling, specially Pinoy style text-spelling (taglish na, text-spelled pa) is avoided in club communications.

AI Assistant Instructor (see KTTu)
Acct/acct Account, the financial term
AJM Assistant Jump Master (see KTTa)
AOA Aktuwal na Oras ng Alis (tingnan ang ATD)
AOD Aktuwal na Oras ng Dating (tingnan ang ATA)
AR Artificial Resuscitation
ARoW Artificial Rock Wall
ASAP As Soon As Possible
Assn/assn Association
Assoc/assoc Associate
Asst/asst Assistant
ATA Actual Time of Arrival (see AOD)
Atbp/atbp At .iba- pa (tingnan ang Etc)
ATD Actual Time of Departure (see AOA)
Ave Avenue
BFAM Basic First Aid for Mountaineers (see BKUL)
Bgy Barangay (smallest unit of government in RP)
BKB Batayang Kurso sa Pamumundok (tingnan ang BMC)
BKT Batayang Kurso sa Tahak (tingnan ang BTC)
BKT-A Panlahat (General)
BKT-B Buhol (Knots)
BKT-K Kompas (Compass)
BKT-D Pagbasa ng Mapa (Map Reading)
BKT-E Pagbasa ng Mapa-topograpiko (Topographic-Map Reading)
BKUL Batayang Kurso sa pa-Unang Lunas (tingnan ang BFAM)
BKR Batayang Kurso sa Rappel (tingnan ang BRC)
Blvd Boulevard
BMC Basic Mountaineering Course (see BKB)
BRC Basic Rappel Course (see BKR)
BTC Basic Trekker Course (see BKT)
BTC-A General (Panlahat)
BTC-B Knots (Buhol)
BTC-C Compass (Kompas)
BTC-D Map Reading (Pagbasa ng Mapa)
BTC-E Topographic-Map Reading (Pagbasa ng Mapa-Topograpiko)
BTW By the way
CI Chief Instructor (see PTTu)
CJM Chief Rappel Jump Master (see PTTa)
CP Cellular Phone
CPR Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
Ctr/ctr Center
EL Expedition Leader (see PE)
ELTLOC Expedition Leader and Team Leader Orientation Course (see KOPEP)
Etc/etc Etcetera
FA First Aid
Genl/genl General (not the military rank)
GPS Geo-Satellite Positioning System
HQ Headquarters
I Instructor (see TTu)
Intl/intl International
JM Rappel Jump Master (see TTa)
JO Jump Off (referring to jump off point or starting point of trek/climb)
KOPEP Kurso sa Oriyentasyon ng Puno ng Ekspedisyon at ng Pangkat (tingnan ang ELTLOC)
KTTa Katulong na Tagapag-Talon (tingnan ang AJM)
KTTu Katulong na Tagapag-Turo ((tingnan AI)
Lat/lat Latitude
LL Telephone Landline
Long/long Longitude
Msge/msge Message
Mun Municipal/Municipality
Natl/natl National
OTW On the way
PE Puno ng Ekspedisyon (tingnan ang EL)
PHP Philippine Peso
PP Puno ng Pangkat (tingnan ang TL)
Proby/proby Probationary member
Prov/prov Province
Provl/provl Provincial
PTTu Punong Tagapag-turo (tingnan ang CI)
PTTa Punong Tagapag-Talon (tingnan ang CJM)
RON Remain Overnight (airline use)
SAR Search and Rescue
SB Sikap Bundok
SMS Short Message Service
St Saint (when before a name)
St Street (when after a name, word or series of words)
STA Scheduled Time of Arrival (see TOD)
STD Scheduled Time of Departure (see TOA)
Std/std Standard
Stn/stn Station
Sto Santo (male saint as in Sto Tomas)
TL Team Leader (see PP)
TOA Takdang Oras ng Alis (tingnan ang STD)
TOD Takdang Oras ng Dating (tingnan ang STA)
Topo/topo Topographic. topographical
TTa Tagapag-talon (tingnan ang JM)
TTu Tagapag-Turo (tingnan ang I)
USD US Dollar



ARG Air Rescue Group
BAT Province of Batangas
BATS Batangas City
BERL Sitio of Berlongo in Nasugbu, Batangas
BGO Baguio City
BTL Batulao
BSP Boy Scouts of the Philippines
BTS Blessed Trinity School of Las Piñspan style=’mso-spacerun:yes’>City
BUL Province of Bulacan
CLEAR Communicators. League for Environmental Action and Restoration
DRT Municipality of Doñemedios Trinidad in the Province of Bulacan
GSP Girl Scouts of the Philippines
IV Isla Verde (Verde Island), Batangas City
LPC Las PiñCity
MNL City of Manila
NSBU Municipality of Nasugbu in the Province of Batangas
KBY Municipality of Kabayan in the Province of Benguet
PAF Philippine Air Force
PdeL Mt. Pico de Loro (Parrot.s beak)
PNRC Philippine National Red Cross
PVAO Philippine Veterans. Affairs Office
RP Republic of the Philippines (discontinued country code.See also PI, PH)
PI Philippine Islands (early local-use country code. See also PH, RP)
PH Republic of the Philippines (official international country code. See also PI, RP)
SARAGI Search and Rescue Auxiliary Group, Incorporated
QC Quezon City
SPC San Pablo City in the province of Laguna
US/USA United States of America
VAB Villamor Air Base (formerly Nichols Air Base)
VFP Veterans. Federation of the Philippines