mountain04SIKAP-BUNDOK is the acronym for “SAMAHAN SA IKAUUNLAD NG KAPALIGIRAN, PAMAYANAN AT KABUNDUKAN.” Its official English name is MECSO, which is the acronym for its official English translation “Mountain, Environment and Community Service Organization.”

SIKAP-BUNDOK is a Philippine-based mountaineering-oriented outdoors club with strong environmental and service ethics. It also emphasizes internal discipline and skills training among its members in particular, and encourages the same among the local mountaineering community in general.


Cristita B. Dimacali In Memoriam

IN MEMORY OF CBD. That was how she was referred to in Sikap Bundok communications.  To friends and colleagues she was Tita.  To the children of Isla Verde she was Tita Tita (Aunt Tita).  Incidentally, those children are adults now. She was one of the seven founding members of the club, one of the seven …

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Dueg VI Narrative

DUEG VI 14-15 Jan 2017 VICTORY SNATCHED FROM THE JAWS OF DISASTER (Recap) For various reasons, the supplies convoy from Quezon City left past 2400H of the 13th. Further delays due to ongoing works at the Candaba Viaduct portion of NLEX caused the convoy to reach Dr. Toledo’s place in Poblacion Norte, San Clemente, Tarlac …

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Epiphany #2

Jong and I are being guided by the universe on how we parent our children. As years pass by, it truly becomes clear why Alexis and Tisha chose us to be their parents, because we will be providing them the opportunity to discover their mission in this life. Synchronicities led us to meet people who …

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Reflections of a family hiking mountains together ….. with Sikap-Bundok Mountaineering Club

by Melanie B. Duran, MD. I am noticing developmental milestones of my daughters Alexis Duran and Tisha ….. their EQ , senses, and intuition are sharper, their endurance is stronger. These are things no school can teach, but only a mountain and mother nature can provide. It’s a win-win situation ….. Parenting strategy at its …

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