Jan 21 2015


Despite several changes in schedule, Dueg IV proceeded without any hitch. It was a success.


As a backgrounder, the outreach was originally planned for mid-November, 2014. However, the prexy had to go on an unscheduled trip to the USA late September, and the activity was moved to January 25, 2015. The activity could not proceed without him for the simple reason that his van was needed to carry almost all the materials and supplies for the outreach.


Subsequent headcounts of prospective participants showed that moving the activity forward to January 18th would assure better participation. So, it was the 18th.

The prexy returned on the 7th.


And then it happened. President P-Noy declared a long, five-day holiday in the NCR to cover the visit of the Pope. This generated requests to move the activity to the 16th.  The school principal agreed, even if it was a regular school day for them.


Tuesday, 13th, the principal requested that the outreach be moved to the 15th. The teachers had to go to town for medical examinations on the 16th. The group only had to re-schedule the trek to Timangguyob Falls to early on the 16th.


The group left the Javier residence by 2215H on the 14th. Rey driving his van loaded with supplies, accompanied by Shiela and Brian. Belle drove her car, and Bong drove the car borrowed from Belle’s brother. The other participating members were distributed between the two cars. By 0330H of Thursday, the 15th, they were in San Clemente, in the residence of Dr. Ronaldo M. Toledo. Husband and wife Raul and Nida, together with Dori, arrived from Bataan soon after. There was very little chance to sleep. Last minute addition of items into the gift bags, and the chatting, made sure of that.

By 0530H, they were on the way to the site aboard the DUFMA cargo truck.

The outreach program begun by 0915H, and was over by 1145H. After some socializing and chatting with the teachers, led by Luz Monderin, the group was back in the resthouse by 1250H. Lunch and naps, punctuated by socials fueled by the legendary (for the club) Torta Peche followed till after dinner.


By 0745H the next day, 16th, Rey, Ian, Brian, Wax, Wilma, Bong and Dori were trekking to the falls. They reached the site by 0910H, stayed till 1048H. By 1210H, they were back at the junction where the truck was waiting to bring them back to the rest house.


By 1415H, they were on the way down, reached Dr. Toledo’s place by 1530H.  Short break, clean up, and they were off. Final reassembly was for dinner at the Petron area on south bound NLEX. By 2330H, the prexy was back home


As planned, the give-aways covered enrollees from Day Care to Fourth Year High School. Those for Day Care to Kindergarten had special health kits and coloring sets donated by members. Writing pads, notebooks, pencils, and ballpoint pens, grade specific as applicable, were among the standard give-aways. All gift packs also included a pack of instant noodles, candy packets and 100 grams of iodized salt each. Gift bags for absent students were left to the care of the teachers for later distribution.


Various items were awarded as prizes to game participants. Gift items were raffled off to all the teachers, up to High School level.


The prepared special macaroni soup was fully consumed. All the 320 bowls were used.


The merienda feeding included a packet of saltines and a glass of flavored juice drink.


While we stuck to the policy of giving first to enrollees, we were able to give merienda even to non-enrollee children, as well as to the accompanying parents. Most of them Aetas.


Left to the care of the teachers for distribution as they see fit were more than 300 pieces of textbooks, reference books, workbooks for various grade levels, dozens of used pencils of varying lengths, several kilograms of used crayons, dozens of used notebooks, and scratch pads. Various office supplies were also given.


Five mechanical sharpeners were given them, five short of the target.  Three for multi-sized pencils suited for Day Care, Kindergarten and Grade One. Two were for standard size pencils. These bring to seven the number of mechanical sharpeners donated to the school to-date.  Note that four of the new ones were purchased with US$40.00 donated specifically for the purchase of sharpeners.


Participating members were:

1.  Brian A. Agana

2.  Reynaldo F. Cuyugan

3. Joaquin Ireneo R. Fabros

4.  Bonifacio M. Javier

5.  Ma. Regina R. Z. Javier

6.  Jaime Ian R. Santos

7.  Tommy O. Tan

8.  Wilma N. Monsalud

9.  Shiela B. Caluag

10. Belinda Salvacion C. Tuliao, Associate

11.  Rosemarie S. Lacson, Proby




Joining them were guests:


1.  Ma. Francisca Z. Javier

2.  Dory Blobner

3.  Nida Escaler

4.  Raul Escaler

Project Officers:

  1. Ma. Rosario Regina ‘Gina’ Z. Javier

    Project treasurer, Budget officer, Purchasing Officer, Fund raiser

  2. Belinda Salvacion ‘Belle’ S. Tuliao

    Chief Liaison with Site officers, Program Director, Fund raiser

  3. Wilma N. Monsalud

    Asst. Budget Officer, Photo-journalist, Fund raiser

  4. Brian A. Agana

    Chief Photo-journalist

  5. Tommy O. Tan.


  6. Joaquin I. R. Fabros





1.   This is the first participation of Ian in an outreach and trekking activity since he got married.
His  only child is now in High School.


2.   Dori Blobner expressed interest in joining the club. Since she cannot complete the technical requirements for membership, and the members felt comfortable with her, the .members there present unanimously agreed to grant her Associate Membership (Community Outreach). She plans to enroll in a trekking course or something similar back home. She was told to send a copy or photo of the certificate, and she would be converted to a regular member. She has been into trekking even during her pre-teens.


3.   Dori, Raul and Nida were among the participants in the November, 2014, Mt. Pulag (Ambangeg- Ambangeg) trek led by Brian.