Jan 23 2011



Starting June 2009, the numbering system for probationary members was revised to conform with the straight serial numbering used for regular members.


The old pattern followed the format: SBPYYMMNN, where SBP indicated probationary status, YY was the last two digits of the year when probationary membership begun, MM was the numeric equivalent of the applicable month, and NN was a serial number that reverted to zero (0) for every change in month or year.


The new pattern follows the format SBPYYMMNNN.  The last three characters, now represented by NNN is a serial numbering system that does not revert to zero (0).


Probies accepted under the former numbering system retain their number until either they become regular members and are issued new numbers using the format SBYYMMNNN, or they are dropped and subsequently re-applies.  Issued numbers are not re-issued.


The SB indicates regular membership, YY and MM indicate the year and month, respectively,  when the member was awarded regular status. NNN is a straight serial numbering that began with ‘001.’


The first probationary member to be designated under the revised system was Ann Joan S. Aquino, who was designated proby No. SBP0905014.  The serial number 014 was an arbitrary number based on the headcount of probationaries who applied within the year, whether they were still active at the the time or not, and those who applied earlier and were still active at the time.  Ann Joan disappeared from the screen after joining the trek to Berlongo in 2009.  She has not responded to SMS messages.


Effective at about the same time, the Prexy started designating ‘inquirers’ using the pattern SBIYYMMNNN.  This was simply to give an idea as to how many telephone/cellphone/e-mail inquiries the club has received over time.  As of this writing, the count has reached SB1012026. Inquirers before the numbering system was adopted were not given any designation.  Only one of the inquirers (Ralph, SBI0911017)  has attended a meeting. He has not applied for membership but keeps in touch with the prexy.