Sep 08 2016

The SIKAP BUNDOK Sapot, My FB Page And My CP: Service Outside the Usual Circle

First-off, ‘Sapot’ is how we call our webpage: as in spider web? Pinoys should be able to get it right away.

We all know that the internet serves a lot of different purposes: good, bad, amoral, religious, irreligious, political, apolitical, and whatever. Anyway, the following is a narration of events that transpired. Involving the SB sapot, my CP (cellular phone, of course), and my personal FB page. I will not mention names, except for the trigger character who was not involved in the exchange at all, although those involved probably would not mind.

Sometime last month I received a call on my CP from an unknown number. As I was busy outside the house, I missed it. As is my practice, I sent a text message acknowledging the call and asking for identification.

The caller texted back, identified herself, and asked for directions for how to get in touch with the family of ‘Alfred.’ She said she just wanted to help his older brother, and she did not know how to get in touch with the family. She had no idea exactly where they were in Isla Verde. I did not ask what the problem was. Not my style.

Apparently, she searched (googled?) for information about Isla Verde, was directed to the SB website where my name and contact numbers were available. She called my CP.

Who is ‘Alfred?’ The boy, identified as being from Isla Verde, joined the local version of ‘The Voice Kids’ early July, 2016. Apparently also, she learned that the boy was a younger brother of the guy she wanted to help.

Now, I do not watch the show, and I did not know the family. I promised to ask around. So, I sent queries to island people whose numbers I know: an island ‘neighbor’ and FB friend, a long-time friend (also an FB friend) and former island resident, a for-hire-boat owner, the MV St. Paul operator, and another island neighbor (father of my remaining alalay when am in the island).

The FB friend and former resident had heard of Alfred but did not know the family. The hire-boat owner confirmed that the boy resided in the island but not in San Agustin Kanluran. He did not know where. The last to reply, the FB friend and neighbor, had good news. She knew where the family resided (Bgy. Palonpon, an upper island barangay),and she gave me the contact number of a teacher she knew from the area.

I texted the teacher. She replied, turns out that Alfred is her nephew. I explained the backgrounder of the search, gave her the inquirer’s CP number, and asked her to pass on the message to the family. Subsequently, she passed on the family’s CP number to me.

I texted the inquirer, gave her the contact numbers.

A texted query from me, a couple of days later, elicited the information that she had gotten in touch with the father, and that they were scheduled to meet in the mainland, Batangas City proper, that coming Saturday. She thanked me. The aunt also thanked me via SMS.

I never asked what the problem was. It is enough to know that, somehow, I helped, and that the SB website and my personal FB page were useful.

I sent SMS messages to the three people who replied, I informed them of the developments, and also thanked them for helping me to help somebody.

Case closed.