Jan 05 2009

New Sikap-Bundok T-shirts Now Available

The club’s official T-shirt is now again available.  The stock of long-sleeved T-shirt with logo which was initially issued during the first year of the club has run out for three years now.  It is only lately that a new batch, now short-sleeved, became available.  As before, only regular members are allowed to purchase the T-shirt.  For the guidance of those who are interested to buy, the available sizes and SRP follows (note that the figures in parenthesis represent the shoulder measurements in inches):

Crispa brand:      Small  (16″)        –  P240.00  (one available)
                           X-Large  (20.5″) – P260 (one available)
                           2X-L   (21′)        – P270 (two available)

Binondo-made:   Small  (14.5″)     –  P140.00  (six available)
                           Medium (15″)     –  P150.00 (eight available)
                           X-Large  (18″)    – P160.00  (seven available)
                           2X-L   (20′)        – P170 (three available)

Note:  1.  Crispa brand is no longer available in the market.
          2.  Colors are yellow with the Crispa brand in slightly darker shade.
          3.  All the T-shirts are made in RP.
          4.  The SRP does not include shipping charges, if applicable.

Rey Cuyugan (two mediums)  and Manny Perez (one large) made the first purchases from the new batch.  They both got the only available pieces of the Crispa branded medium and large sizes.


NOTE:  Inventory updated as of 15 January 2009