Apr 13 2016

Reflections of a family hiking mountains together ….. with Sikap-Bundok Mountaineering Club


Mel and Jong: Station 5, Ka Tino’s ‘free civet coffee stop,’ Mt. Manabu Day Hike, April 09, 2016

by Melanie B. Duran, MD.

I am noticing developmental milestones of my daughters Alexis Duran and Tisha ….. their EQ , senses, and intuition are sharper, their endurance is stronger. These are things no school can teach, but only a mountain and mother nature can provide. It’s a win-win situation ….. Parenting strategy at its best, the way our native forefathers inculcated their children on what are the most important values ….. taking care of mother nature and mother nature providing for our needs.

I hope my kids will pass these on to my grandchildren through the guidance of Sikap-Bundok Mountaineering Club. The Club’s culture of “walang iwanan”, being conscious of each other’s safety and welfare, and not leaving garbage in the mountain are values my children and grandchildren will inherit.


Trisha, Dad Jong and elder daughter Alexis on the trail to the peak of Mt. Manabu, Bgy. Sta. Cruz, Santo Tomas, Batangas.